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Eureka STEM Summer

Eureka STEM Summer is our signature STEM program for kinder to 8th grade. Each summer we bring back camp favorite and launch new workshops. Kids are continually learning new concepts and having fun! This series is for boys and girls

Eureka Mini and Star (K-2nd or 3rd – 5th)

Each session is different you can come back as many sessions you like. Includes ALL of these:

Eureka Masters (6th – 8th)

Each session is different you can come back as many sessions you like. Includes ALL of these:

STEM SUMMER: Eureka Mini and Eureka Star


Coding is now among the most important job skills of the future. Camp Eureka is committed to inspiring kids to learn through fun and in this workshop our youngest campers will learn to program by solving a series of puzzle challenges. They will use a visual coding language and will “play” through numerous programming puzzles as they build real coding concepts. The Foos has won numerous awards for most effective early childhood curriculum on programming. We are excited to be among the first to bring The Foos to Puerto Rico! Please note: students will be required to bring iPad.


Back by popular demand! ScratchJr is among the most popular workshop with our campers. It is an introductory programming language that enables young children (ages 5 and up) to create their own interactive stories and games. Children snap together graphical programming blocks to make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. Children can modify characters in the paint editor, add their own voices and sounds, even insert photos of themselves — then use the programming blocks to make their characters come to life. Please note: students will be required to bring iPad.

Little Lego Engineer

LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 makes science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and coding come to life. The unique combination of the LEGO brick, classroom-friendly software, and engaging, projects results in a program that builds students’ confidence to ask questions, define problems and design their own solutions by putting STEM learning directly in their hands. Please note: students will be required to bring iPad.

Edible Science

Edible Science: Experiments You Can Eat
by National Geographic Kids and beyond

“Grab a beaker, pick up your whisk, and get ready to cook up some solid science. Using food as our tools (or ingredients!) curious kids become saucy scientists that measure, weigh, combine, and craft their way through the kitchen. Discover dozens of thoroughly tested, fun, edible experiments, sprinkled with helpful photos, diagrams, scientific facts, sub-experiments, and more. And the best news is when all the mad-science is done, you’re invited to grab a spoon and take a bite — and share your results with friends and family.” Please note: students will be required to bring materials and ingredients. Parents will be emailed.

Eureka Unplugged

No camp would be complete without good old fashioned outdoor and board-game fun. Camp Eureka’s secret to success is in it’s dedication to kids. In this workshop kids will get to use up all their energy in traditional camp activities where the focus is on laughing, playing, and having a ton of fun!

STEM SUMMER: Eureka Masters

The Camp Force Awakens to a Minecraft Galaxy

You don’t need to go to a galaxy far far away in search of happiness! It’s right here in a workshop that brings Stars Wars and Minecraft into the same dimension. In this special workshop we have merged two exciting worlds into one amazing summer. Join us to build a Star Wars Galaxy using code.

Next Generation Gamers

This is a specialized workshop series where campers will explore the design process and cover skills needed to create worlds and games using Kodu Game Lab.
Campers can look forward to the following learning about Game Making with Kodu Game Lab and the informal process of game design. Understand rapid prototyping,
develop a Game Experience with a Theme and Story and learn about pushing the boundaries using puzzles and probability.


Students will enjoy the opportunity to work in CAD and CODE. In week one campers will learn how to use CAD (Computer-Aided Design). Each day, students work through step-by-step projects to gain new skills and attempt stimulating challenges. These experiences culminate in the building and design of a tree house project! Computer-Aided Design Camp delivers the unforgettable experience of exploring the limitless potential of one of the most widely used engineering tools in the world! In week 2 we will move to CODE where campers will dive into real world coding! Code is among the single most wanted job skill! There’s no time like the present to jump on the bandwagon and start preparing for career success…. While you have fun, of course!

Eureka Unplugged

Camp Eureka would be incomplete if we did not provide a measure physical movement and fun away from screens. Campers will have the opportunity to use up their energy through structure, organized and safe play. Our Camp Instructors dedicate a fair amount of time preparing for Eureka Unplugged and bring lots of energy and ideas for active games that kids moving, laughing, and having a good time.

EV3 LEGO Robotics

Back by popular demand we bring you our most specialized class: LEGOR Robotics. As partners for FIRST® LEGO® League Robotics, we have become masters of all things EV3 LEGO®. Bring your love of robots and Legos into a class that will teach you how to build the coolest autonomous robots and then program them to compete against other robots at camp. This class is fun and exciting so be ready to bring all your energy and enthusiasm.