Tournament day

alprazolam buy india Tournament day  is filled with excitement, nervousness and,  above all, fun. The day  also  showcases something that  we like to call ‘Coopertition®’. This combines cooperation with competition and summa- rises the  ethos of tournament days, where people from all over  your country, or even the  world, come together to tackle each Challenge.

paypal xanax ROBOT MATCHES Your team will have at least three robot matches, lasting for 2 minutes

and 30 seconds at the  competition tables.

get alprazolam online PRESENTATIONS Each team appears in front of panels of judges. There are three things that  they  will need to present:

  • The Project
  • The Robot Design
  • How they used the Core Values  during their  work.

buy ativan xanax valium THE PIT

All teams are allocated what  is known  as a ‘Pit’. This will be their  home for the  day. They can set up a display here which  showcases the  robot, the  Project and how they  observed the  Core Values.  The Pit is also handy for working  on the  robot, greeting other teams and spectators,

or relaxing between robot matches and judging sessions.


After the  team presentations and robot matches, the  judges will meet to review  all of the  presentations they  have seen and decide which  teams merit  an award. The criteria can be found at There will be a closing

ceremony at the  end of the  day. Everyone who took  part  gets a medal, and the  awards are presented to the  winning  teams.

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