Getting started

xanax online cheap Once you’ve decided to join FIRST®  LEGO®  League, it’s easy to get  started. There are some things you’ll need, including a computer, and some things that  you will need to do.

get alprazolam online generic xanax online A PC OR MAC

You will need a computer to:
  • Register your team
  • Learn more about the Challenge and the  rules
  • Research the Challenge topic
  • Program the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot
  • Download the building instructions for the Robot Game missions
  • Make judging presentations for the FLL® tournament.

xanax cheapest price TEAM REGISTRATION By registering, you will be able to take part  in a tournament and will be able to purchase the  FIRST LEGO League Field  Set-up Kit. The team registration process will differ from country to country as does the  cost. Select your country on, visit the  national website or contact the national organiser for details. FIRST LEGO LEAGUE FIELD SET-UP  KIT

buy xanax europe The Field  Set-up Kit is the  practice field for the  Robot Game. The Kit changes each year  and is usually ordered at the  same time  as you register your team. More teams may  share the  same Field  Set-up Kit. The Kit consists  of:

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  • A roll-out mat
  • LEGO elements to build the “missions” for the  Robot Game
  • Some 3M adhesive squares to attach the mission models to the mat.

buy pakistani xanax You may  find it helpful  to get  hold  of a table to support the  mat. When  you compete in the  tournaments, tables will be provided at the  venue. You can find instructions as to how you can build  a table at get alprazolam online LEGO MINDSTORMS EDUCATION ROBOT SET

alprazolam online reviews Each team needs a LEGO MINDSTORMS set. You can use the  RCX®, NXT® or the  EV3 versions. This set will contain all the  LEGO elements needed to construct a robot, a programmable brick,  sensors, motors, and the  software you need to programme it.

buy xanax with american express You can find a list of dealers who sell LEGO MINDSTORMS Education sets in your country at In many  of these countries, LEGO Education dealers

or FIRST LEGO League partners offer training.  Contact your nearest one for details.


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